It’s #Worldafroday! – Here Are 16 of The Most Gorgeous Fros On Instagram Right Now


It’s #worldafroday y’all and I cannot help but look in awe at all the ways women are celebrating the day.

There is so much history, energy, love, struggle, fight, and strength wrapped up in our hair, it’s hard not to feel a sense of pride and resilience.

It’s hard for some to understand how it feels to be persecuted for what naturally grows from your head and to watch others wear it as a trend and it be deemed “gorgeous, trendy and edgy”. This is the third year that we are celebrating #worldafroday and we can not deny that the natural hair movement had a lot to do with it.

The movement has also served to teach young women and men to appreciate their crowns and by extension themselves,the value of the work within this movement is priceless.

In celebration of #worldafroday I thought I would gather together some of the most banging fros on Instagram right now! Go ahead and scroll through below!



Happy #worldafroday!


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