“I’ve Just Been Surrounded By Glamour, You Know?”- Kelly Rowland On Her Glamour And Style

Kelly Rowland

If you have ever wondered about Kelly Rowland’s style and where she gets her inspiration from well you might get an idea from the latest interview and photo shoot she did with The Coveteur. According to the article is just the way we expected her to be. Pretty laid back with a tinge of glamour to keep us all interested.

What she said about how she learned to love beauty and fashion

“[I learned to love fashion and beauty by] watching my mom. My mother was the woman who had every single makeup anything—she wanted it in every color, she wanted to make sure it was waterproof. My mom had everything. Then I met B’s mom, Tina.

Tina is just glamorous. She always wore her red lipstick and her orange lipstick, and I remember I was scared to try those colors, and she was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Wear whatever you wanna wear!’ She put orange lipstick on me, red lipstick on me, and she just made me feel that it didn’t matter what shade I was—I could try anything. She made me feel like I could try it all!”

On her experience with glamorous women from all walks of life

“Beyoncé and I were raised in the salon with her mom, so we saw other women from different backgrounds—from lawyers to doctors to art collectors—all these successful women, and they were glamorous! I’ve just been surrounded by glamour, you know?

I feel like my whole life has been surrounded by women of different skin tones who are beautiful and strong and confident in their own skin.”

About her new show Chasing Destiny

“I feel like the whole thing [Chasing Destiny] is a really great journey. Everybody will be on this journey with these ladies, and they’ll enjoy it. Some of the decisions that Frank and I make, it’s like, ‘Why did they do that?’ or ‘Why did they choose her?’

You start to understand why and how we see potential in certain girls. I think it would be boring if you just heard somebody really singing their face off front to back and you know automatically who’s going to make the group. We really challenged ourselves. We didn’t want to get in our way and we didn’t want to take typical girls, either. We just had a blast!”

If you want to check out some of the looks from her photo shoot click here.

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