#IWalkWithNatasha – 300 Students Escort A Black Girl To Class After She Reported Being Racially Harassed


Natasha Nkhama is a Baylor University student who was attacked by another student who called her the N-word while walking around campus earlier this week.

She described the incident in a video posted to Twitter by her friend, Jaileene Maite.

“On my way to class, this guy went out of his way to bump into me and … shove me off the sidewalk,” she said. “He said ‘no n*ggers allowed on the sidewalk’.”

“And I was just shocked,” she added. “Like, I had no words.”

this is my friend Natasha, and this happened today 11/9 at @Baylor. pic.twitter.com/bm64xyc9LZ

— Jaileene Maite (@ijaileene) November 9, 2016

The attacker revealed that he was motivated by Donald Trump’s election to office when he was confronted by another student about his behavior. “I’m just trying to make America great again,” said the attacker.

As word of what happened spread throughout campus, students decided to arrange a plan to escort Natasha to class on Friday morning using the hashtag #IWalkWithNatasha.

HUNDREDS of people showed up in support.

“We are a caring, Christian community in which acts of violence and insensitivity have no place,” said Kevin P. Jackson, the vice president of student life.

I do not know about you but I am so proud of the kids who stood up for what is right, there is no room for racism and nobody is going to stand for it.


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