J Crew I’m Going To Need You To Do A Little Bit More With This Model’s Hair


I saw the above picture in a natural hair group and the women were all saying the same thing “Why in the world is her hair not done?”.

After reading all the comments I decided to check the J.Crew website to see if the model’s pictures were still up and to my surprise, it was! Click here.

Before I get into my thoughts on her hair, one of the things I am always concerned about when highlighting things like this is the model herself. Does it bring negative attention to her personal brand? How did she feel about the pictures herself?

For all intent and purposes being a part of a huge Ad campaign is a really epic opportunity for most models and so I can certainly understand if a model put up any sort of objection to us even discussing her hair at all.

On the other hand, I personally think from a high-level, brands know better and should do better with regards to black models and their hair and makeup.

Since I am no expert in the model industry I decided to ask my friend Cyrene Renee who is a seasoned model and director, what she thought of the editorial without giving my own opinion on it.

This is exactly what she said:

“What the hell is this mess, I need answers P, I have woken up neater than that, That’s a 3-day knot no scarf” Then she went on to say that she blamed the model as well for not saying anything. —“I have gotten my behind out of many a chair when they had me looking crazy. No one sees the hair or mua, They ONLY see the model
So it’s our responsibility within the spectrum of the designer’s vision to make sure we don’t look a hot mess”

In other words, she was thinking the same thing I thought and what many of us think just looking at the Ad for the first time.

Here are a few things J.Crew should have considered before taking even one photo of this model.

1. The idea of a styled messy bun is not the same for women of color as it is for white women with straight or curly hair.
2. Always have a stylist on hand who can style textured hair
3. Listen to the model’s suggestions – Ask her opinion on how her hair should be styled
4. Brushes, gel, edge control, spray bottles and more than one bobby pin are all helpful tools

The dress is cute though! Comment your thoughts below and let me know if we are reaching!


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