Jackie Aina Won A NAACP Award And The Beauty World Couldnt Be Happier


You know there is a really simple saying that says, when you win we all win and that is exactly how the beauty world feels about Jackie Aina’s latest accomplishment.

Over the weekend The NAACP Image Awards announced a new award called Youtuber of the year and the winner of that award was none other than beauty blogger Jackie Aina affectionately known as La Bronze James.

If you have never watch a Jackie Aina tutorial, review, or even interacted with her on social media, you are missing out! With 1.8 million subscribers one of the things that most of us admire about Jackie is how hard she rides for inclusion within the beauty world, calling out brands for their lack of diversity.

I dare you to create a foundation that has little to no shade range and send it to her in a PR package! – She will use it as a teaching moment and brands are starting to listen!

Her work definitely transcends beyond YouTube as she recently announced a collab with Two Faced where she will be create foundations that will be extremely diverse and inclusive of women with dark skin tones and a range of undertones.

This award is well deserved and it was really awesome to see her win and to see all the gorgeous influencers that attended the show as well! Congrats JACKIE JACKIE JACKIEEE!!


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