Jamaica Carnival Came To A Close With One Epic Road March [Photos]


‘Jamaica Carnival’ came to a close yesterday with one epic road March and as I looked through all the highlights today it seemed as if this year was the best one yet!

Social media of course helped but everybody was extra happy due to the West Indies Cricket win this weekend for the second time in a row. #proud

If you are from the Caribbean then you know how important Carnival is, it is a part of our culture, runs through our veins and it is hard not to get happy even if we did not get to participate.

Here are some of the most epic moments from the road march yesterday:

Andrew hill photo
Andrew hill photo
Kaci Fennel
Kaci Fennel

Tessanne Chin
Tessanne Chin @teeography
Usain Bolt

And Yendizzle celebrating the Cricket win with the #champian chant!

A video posted by Yendi Phillipps (@yendizzle) on

Till next year!


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