The #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay Hashtag is Trending And Its Everything


The last time Justin Timberlake took the stage for Super Bowl he had Janet Jackson with him and as we anticipate his performance today Twitter is on a hundred with the celebration of Janet Jackson! The hashtag #Janetjacksonapprciationday is trending and if you are a fan then you already know it is pretty darn awesome.

We will never forget 2004 when Janet was ostracized for her wardrobe malfunction and how Justin allowed her to take the full blame for the unfortunate event!

To make matters worse she also confirmed that she will not be appearing in this year’s show as most of us had hoped so Twitter has decided to celebrate Janet the best way they know how.

The scene on Twitter is amazing – throwback videos, award show videos, a ton of comments showing love and appreciation for the artist are flooding in by the hour!

Take a look:

This collection though!

Happy #Janetjacksonappreciationday yall!


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