Jerhonda Pace Visits The Real And Tells Her Story About Being Apart Of R.Kelly’s Alleged Sex Cult


Chile! It’s been a sad day with regards to some of these people in the public eye and honestly as a community we have to do a better job at not celebrating people that should not be celebrated.

I know some of you have probably heard about the alleged ‘sex cult’ that R.Kelly is running? Well a young lady Jheronda Pace went on The Real today and told her story about being apart of the cult and how she escaped.

She spoke in detail about her initiation and revealed that she was trained to please R.Kelly. She said, “The trainer, it’s a woman, she trains you to please him sexually. She taught me how to please him, she also taught me what I liked.” You can Open a free collection sex vids at hdpornvideo if you’re wanting to find out what you really like.

“I got invited to his tour bus. I went out to his tour bus and you have him naked and her naked, and I’m looking like ‘okay, what is this because Rob is the one who took my virginity.”

She also details how she was physically abused by the singer and that he would lock her in a room for days and as she told that story she broke down crying.

Check out the interview videos below:

Ya’ll this child was 16 years old! – No words!


    • Bc they get victim blaming questions like …. why now? What did you do? Are you trying to get his money? He’s famous you probably asked for it. I’m not trying to be rude but black women tend to do this to other women due to

    • It’s a honest question. It’s not victim blaming. If I was a 16-year-old girl knowing the background of this man and what he’s famous for I would not have put myself in that situation no matter how down and out I was. After everything is done and she’s not getting the benefits that were involved with this man she comes out after someone else has came out.
      Would they have killed her if she decided to leave this “sex cult”? I highly doubt it. Everyone makes their own choices in life and obviously these women made these choices on their own.

    • Gina Durso Winbush didn’t she go there on her own wanting and potential claim to fame? How old is she?
      It’s like me going to a klan meeting with the black lives matter shirt on. If you know what that person is famous for why put your stuff in the situation.

    • Adrienne Hackney not attacking at all. And I really do mean that. I feel sorry for these women because they feel that that’s the only way that they can reach the highest point in their lives and not educate themselves and do better for themselves. But I don’t like it when women of any color trying to use the situation when it’s beneficial to them.

    • I do understand And I too feel that it is sad that is the only hope they feel like they have to make a name for Themselves but I do think that’s why women do wait to say anything. I just feel whatever you may sign yourself up for
      I think they felt a level of respect and fair treatment should have been established if what they are saying is true it’s sick

    • Fear is a powerful thing. And most people feel fear because they figure that if they come out the person will find them and abuse them again. The hardest part is finding strength and people you can trust. And that’s another issue when your placed in a situation to try and trust again after all this has happened to you. You ask yourself who do I turn to, who can I talk to. Courage is another thing that is hard to find in difficult times such as this. You have to remember everything thing is stripped from you. Your self esteem your trust to trust other self confidence. Everything. So wether any of you believe her or not. It’s her story to tell at the end of the day who are we to judge. If she lying it will catch up to her. If she is telling the truth. Then I pray she gets her healing she needs. We all knew R. Kelly was nasty from the beginning. Shoot even when Aaliyah came out he had relations with her. She was the same age

    • Where the hell were this young Ladies mother or father or both when this young lady decided to get involved with any man at her age. How did she get an opportunity to enter his tour bus, did she not get off the freaking bus and take herself home. I’m aware and most people are aware of
      R Kelly and his reputation. As soon as she entered the tour bus did she at 16 not have enough sense to leave and according to her someone else had taken her virginity either at 16 or prior. At 16 her parents either one or both had to know she had been on that tour bus. She had to be missing, did they contact the police to find her. I am not trying to judge this young lady or her parents, it baffles me as to how she was telling this story. I can not imagine any 16 year old being this starstruck with a parent getting involved with this man and as( I watch The Real now to get the entire story ) having attended his trial for violating young girls. She speaks about lying to her mom constantly and doing this terrible deed. She basically agreed to be in this situation and took part in it and lied to her mom. Why didn’t mom make her little 16 year old ass stay at home and stop accepting her lies. I can’t believe a mom would allow a 16 year old to lie that much without knowing things were not truthful from this young lady. Amazing story from this young lady. She was as much at fault as he was. Is there now going to be another trial or is these young Ladies going to let him continue the cult activity and tell the story only when he chooses someone new to take her place.

  1. The whole world knows that this man is a chimo and yet still he remain successful in his music every time I hear about this man it just makes my stomach turn thinking of all the little girls that he’s done things too this world

  2. I believe her but we WILL NOT act like she didn’t know what she was doing back then!!

    She was a fast ass little girl playing a grown woman’s game. So she knew what she was doing and enjoyed it up until, the money and his interest ran out. We have to be honest here, and ask why now… what exactly changed.

    Her, her family and the world knew exactly what he did with Aaliyah, and then the court case… so they thought he was different or the same wouldn’t happen to any new girls.??!

    At what point do we STOP placing monetary value over our children’s innocence and our own virtue??!

  3. Where are these parents at!! And these young girls keep messing with this grown ass pervert I’m not say he ain’t having sex with these kids because I believe half of the story. Sex with a woman and with him she wasn’t new to this. I don’t believe it. He ain’t picking virgins he picking them fast ass girls I just don’t get it how they keep popping up out of no where. It was wrong what he did and still doing. And he needs to be stop but these girls keep following flocking to him. The pipe piper he did use to call himself that!!

  4. We can’t blame the parents for this type of thing. Young girls are intrigued by older men they think that it’ll be cool experience and just not interested in boys their age. They will be treated differently, taken to better places, spent more money on them. Not to mention be accessible to drugs and alcohol. These young ladies lie about their whereabouts so good the parents will never find out until it’s to late. I did it all the time to my mom. But once I got caught when she came home from work and my bedroom was changed new bdrm set ,new t.v.,vice, stereo. I couldn’t lie about it and she start making me stay in the house more. But my fast self was still sneaking to see him. I was 16 and he was 28. Time of my life.

    • This leaves me with more questions tho…like this sounds like a kidnapping situation; you’re 16…your parents didn’t report you misssing??? And also what kinda hold/power does he have over you for you to engage in sexual relations with another woman!!?? I just…this is too much ‍♀️

  5. Lovelyti2002 has broken down this case entirely. And that girl is telling the truth. Besides, a lot of women are coming forward about him trying to do the same thing to them. He’s creepy as hell. He needs to go to prison. Didn’t he marry Aliyah when she was 15 y.o? He’s a pedophile!


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