Jesse Williams Says He Doesn’t “Read Into” The Reactions Of His Broadway Audience While Nude On Stage – ” It Just Creates More Insecurities”


Twitter was on fire Monday when pictures of Jesse William’s ‘body’ hit social media.

Jesse is currently performing in the Broadway Show “Take Me Out” a story that revolves around a mixed-race baseball star named Darren Lemming.

Darren comes out as gay and is confronted off the field by deep-rooted, homophobic and racist prejudices.

Social media got a hold of a few photos and a clip of Jesse’s most sensitive areas and all hell broke loose.

Here is a taste of the shenanigans:

Jesse appeared on Watch What Happen’s Live with Andy Cohen who asked the cast including Jesse about the reactions of the audience to the nudity.

Jesse said a non reaction is a really interesting reaction for him, but he doesn’t like “any of it”.

He said he has learned in all of his time on stage (this is his first stage debut) to not read into anything which helps with insecurities.

Watch below:


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