@Jillisblack’s Unsolicited Dating Advice Has To Be The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen All Day


If I had to pick one social media platform as a fave I would say it has to be hands down Instagram. Why? Because I find women like Jill whose dry humor is a glorious mix of sarcasm, intellect, wit and every day “realisms” that will have you on her Instagram all day in #stalkermode.

Press play:

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Then there was this little gem she dropped the other day:

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And my absolute fave has to be this video:

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Then there was the time Jill threw up a picture of herself for throwback thursday and wrote about the sudden coolness of weird girls, and honestly it was the realest sh*t ever.


I don’t know where the f*ck all you weird black girls came from all of a sudden. Like…since when? I certainly could’ve used your support in 1996 when I was obsessed with Lionel Richie. Would’ve been nice to have a conversation in 1999 when I was revving up to play Mistress Ford in The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Probably should’ve been around to tell me not to wear a captain’s hat at recess. Maybe could’ve formed a small gang back in the day when I was spending the summer drinking Surge and re-reading Coffee Will Make You Black. You see, when I was growing up, weird didn’t mean that you were unusually attractive or unusually fashionable or that you liked tumblr and/or lavender-scented things and/or irony.

It meant that you only had one friend (your cousin who lived in another state). It meant learning to awkwardly laugh at your own jokes. Quietly. Like a creepy person. It meant memorizing things that no one ever should’ve memorized because facts about things you loved were literally all you had.

But now liking Erykah Badu makes you weird, I guess. Preferring a quiet night in with a documentary to snorting prescription pills off of a shelf at Target makes you weird. Wanting to honeymoon in a treehouse makes you weird. Liking beets makes you weird.

And I get it, okay? It’s not my call. I don’t own the rights to black girl weirdness and honestly, I don’t even know if I’m all that weird these days. But I do listen to Brian McKnight when I exercise. That’s got to still hold a little weight in the club, right?

No Jill, you are actually cool in a weird kind of way, (you got us beat on that Brian Mcknight thing tho, thats all you boo)

Please go follow her on Instagram she will get your life right together.. and you will die laughing while doing it. Follow Jill here.


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