Justine Skye Explains Why She Used To Shy Away From Her Curls


Justine Skye is on this month’s cover of Essence magazine and she shared some of the things that have changed for her as she evolves in the music industry. She is now independent and one of the things that she mentioned was that she used to shy away from her curls.

Along with shedding her signature purple tresses, the 24-year-old Brooklyn native has discovered a new version of herself. She used to shy away from wearing her curls at photoshoots and in shows.

“A part of it was just that I started to lose confidence in my hair products,” she says. “I started doing protective styles. I remember the first time I got a weave I was 19.”

Skye is also nimbly evolving as an artist. Her latest project—a six-song EP titled Bare With Me, which debuted this past summer—is truly close to her heart. It’s a nod to her Jamaican heritage as well as an expression of the freedom she’s discovered by simply doing exactly what she wants with her sound.

“Throughout my career a lot of people told me to stay away from the ­Caribbean and Afrobeats style, because it didn’t start getting popular until recently,” she says. “But now that I’m independent [she signed with Nynetineth this past year], I’m just trusting my instincts, which I should’ve done before, but, you know, things happen in their own time.”

Fast-forward five years and Skye not only stands firm in her natural locks but she’s also proving that she is not a one-trick beauty.

Her ­collaboration with H&M, which launched this month, includes 17 pieces of ready-to-wear apparel, footwear and accessories. Her joint venture Justine Skye for The Lip Bar has created An Island Gyal Collection.

The line, which offers a variety of beauty must-haves from smudge-proof eyeliner to brown nude shimmer gloss, also drops this winter.

She is gorgeous, read more over at Essence here.


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