Keke Palmer Was Surprised With An Opportunity To Attend College And Her Reaction Was Amazing

Keke Palmer

We all know Lauren “Keke” Palmer, the 9 yr old child actor now accomplished Broadway star, singer, and dancer, you name it she has done it, or so we thought.

Two weeks ago though Keke shared that there is one thing in her life she never got to do and that is to go to College and finish her education.

She said she knows a lot about life but never got a formal College education having being homeschooled until Highschool.

The reasons she shared that little fact is because recently she got the opportunity to speak at Paul Quinn College to all of the students there and even though she was there to drop knowledge and encouragement towards the end they surprised her with a little something of their own. Here is what she wrote on her website:

This past week Lacy took me to speak to some kids at Paul Quinn. I love speaking at schools and have been doing so since I was about 11. As a kid I just felt it was fun talking to some people my age, but the older I get the more important it is to me for them to know my story. I understand that what they think of me and what my actual journey looked/looks like does not always coincide.

I realize that in order to really be of service to them I have to get them to understand that I am just like them, that I am not any more special than they are, and that my struggles mirror a lot of theirs. It seems as if I’m giving so much but being around my peers does so much for me!

Growing up in the industry, even though my family did a great job of keeping me balanced, that world is very much all about THAT WORLD. To be apart of what’s really happening with my generation, the culture, the topics, the pressures, and the fears- THAT is what inspires me. It’s those stories and those people that give reason to the usage of my gifts.

At the end of my time at Paul Quinn they surprised me with an acceptance letter to the school! My heart was pounding because, like I said, I don’t have what I’d call a full education. I feel as if I’m educated on life and people but my school education is in the air hahaha :). So to be accepted and acknowledged in that way truly touched me.

Though I believe there’s a lot of education outside of the school system, I think to start college and finish college is a huge achievement. An achievement I always wished to do.

Watch her reaction here:

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I really hope she finds the time to go back to College, she will never forget it and for many artists that do go to College we can actually see the education in their art and there is nothing like it.


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