Kelis Rogers Dishes On Her Skin Care Routine – “I Don’t Use Soap On My face”


You are all are probably pretty aware of how gorgeous Kelis is especially when she shares fresh-faced pictures on social media.

Recently she gave Fader the scoop on her skincare routine and some of the things she does many of us can definitely relate to. As skin obsessed as I get because, you know, a girl is getting up there, I was curious and glad she shared!

In an over the phone interview with them this is what she said:

KELIS: Well, I don’t use soap on my face, that’s the first thing. I think that’s the one consistent thing I’ve done for the past 20 years.

It’s because I’m super dry. I might wash my face with an actual cleanser — it sounds crazy — but maybe like once a month. I can’t do it. Every time I do it, I’m way too dry.

Moisture for me is the key to everything. I am moisture crazy. I’m obsessed with collagen lately. I mean, like, obsessed. I have collagen products of all kinds. I love trying new products. I am a total product whore. For hair and skin, I am like obsessed. I just think it’s fun.

I obviously wear a lot of makeup for work, but in my everyday life I don’t. I’m big on mascara and lipgloss and that’s about it. My skin is like a playground, I’m always trying new moisturizers. Vitamin C is the key. I love a Vitamin C serum, I love a collagen moment, I love royal jelly.

Everything is about hydration and keeping the natural glow. I’m generally in a state of sleep deprivation so I need a lot of creams.

I just recently got that facial thing Hanacure, which I have to say is pretty freaking epic.

I don’t even like facial things, but I had to text my friends like, “Yo, it works, this is crazy!” I felt my pores get tighter, it was nuts. It’s really ill. Facial stuff I’m not usually into, I think it’s all crap, but this is actually amazing. When you take it off you’re so freaking soft.

I can definitely attest to the collagen and vitamin C! Both are absolute must have’s for youthful and energized skin! Comment below and let us know your skin care must-haves!


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