Kellyanne Conway Sitting Legs Ajar In The Oval Office Causes A Twitter Uproar


I kind of hoped this photo was photoshopped. I also considered that maybe this isn’t such a big deal and Twitter was making much ado about nothing. However, I have to go with my gut and my original reaction which was— Who the hec does that? Where did you grow up? and where are your manners?

As you can imagine Twitter had a field day with that picture and the comments ranged from, “oh it isn’t a big deal she was just taking a photo” to …”she has no respect for the office of the President”.

This tweet perfectly sums up the thoughts that went through some of the minds of the people who took a critical look at the picture and who question her respect for the occasion.

With that said here are my questions

1. Are we just over reacting because we know deep down that if she were a black woman the picture would have appeared so much worse to the people justifying it?

2. Is it that we are just in a period of oversharing and this is what actually goes on in the Oval Office and we are just getting wind of it?

3. Was Kellyanne simply exercising her privilege?

4. Is this how all meetings are conducted or just this particular one? – Actually do not answer that, because there is only one answer. The fact that she would choose a meeting with some of the countries most respected African American educators to have her legs open and her shoes on the couch shows exactly how much respect she has for the President’s guests. – Wake me up when this circus act is over!

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on it, here are a few from Twitter:

We cannot make this stuff up!


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