Kentucky High School Has A New Course Called ‘Adulting 101’ That Teaches Life Skills To High School Students


Ya’ll I legit have no idea why we learned Pythagoras theorem in school in lieu of major life lessons like changing a tire or ironing your favorite shirt. Practical life lessons are often left up to our parents and family members but it would be great to have them reinforced in school before you start College or living on your own.

The truth is Adulting isn’t easy and in Kentucky Louisville one teacher decided to start a class called Adulting 101 with the intention of ensuring that the kids were provided with some real life lessons they could all use.

Read below via Fox 8 Cleveland:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Fern Creek High School is making sure its students are prepared for the real world with a new class called “Adulting 101.”

According to WLKY, the three day course is for seniors and was created by the school’s college access resource teacher, Sara Wilson-Abell.

“We’re preparing students for life after high school,” Wilson-Abell said in an interview. “Yesterday was all about money, today it’s home and health and tomorrow it’s about being a professional.”

The students also learned about car maintenance, washing clothes and cooking food.

Wilson-Abell said it’s important students have these life skills.

“I learned a lot about how to do my laundry. I mean, I kind of knew some aspects of it, but I never sorted by clothes or anything like that,” Student Lilly Farmer told WLKY.

“Adulting 101” has been such a hit that the school is planning to bring it back next year.

Pretty cool right, how many of you wish you had classes like this in school? I know I could have used a few sessions. Comment below!


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