Kids Wash Day Plus Protective Style – Start to Finish With Naptural85


Most of us have watched Naptural85 for years and since she has had Olivia we have watched her baby girl for almost 4 years!

Whitney and I were pregnant at the same time, Olivia was born on the 15th and my son was born on the 16th of November which I have always thought was pretty cool since she was one of my favorite bloggers to watch! Kids grow up so darn fast so the fact that Oya is almost 4 and my son is almost 4 blows my mind daily.

In this post Whitney demonstrates how she takes care of Olivia’s hair from start to finish with enough details help any parent that need just a little guidance!

Check it out:

If you need another reference for taking care of kinkier textures do not hesitate check out my book below:



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