When Kimora Lee Simmons launched Baby Phat in 1999, no one could have ever predicted the type of impact the brand would have on early 2000s streetwear and high fashion.

With the signature curvy-cat logo being splashed across everything from denim jackets to phone cases, Baby Phat became one of the most iconic brands to ever cater to women of color.

Now 21 years and a Forever 21 relaunch later, Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughters—Aoki and Ming Lee—are breathing new life into the brand by launching Baby Phat Beauty.

The beauty line is launching its first kit, Shimmer Dreams, which includes Illuminating Body Spray, Hydrating Body Lotion, and Plumping Lip Gloss.

baby Phat

While the Shimmer Dreams kit features just three products, they come in three different versions: Ethereal, Opulence, and Divine.

Each kit was created in a way that accurately represents the personalities of Kimora, Ming Lee, and Aoki, respectively. 


Kimora’s kit is the Divine Shimmer Dreams and was created to embody her “commanding essence & legacy.”

The spray and lotion are formulated with some of her favorite floral scents, such as jasmine and lily of the valley, hints of citrus, and vanilla undertones. 

Baby Phat

Ming’s kit is the Opulence Shimmer Dreams and was created to embody her “love for fashion, beauty & self-expression.”

This set takes on a far sweeter scent than Kimora’s due to its rich blend of caramel, peach, and bergamot. 

Aoki’s kit is the Ethereal Shimmer Dreams and was created to embody her “free-spirited attitude, and sense of independence.”

Baby Phat

It is a very flirty, fun, and light scent characterized by notes of green apple, pear, and red berries. 



While Kimora does want to simultaneously pay homage to what Baby Phat once was and reintroduce it to a whole new generation, her overall mission is to continue empowering and representing young women of color: 

“When I launched Baby Phat in 1999, I had to fight for a seat at the table in both the high-fashion and streetwear worlds.

I did that by staying true to myself and bringing up an entire generation who embraced diversity, body positivity, and body confidence all while being unapologetically glam and sexy,” Simmons said in a statement.

Baby Phat

“Buying back the brand has given me the opportunity to tell that story all over again to a new generation — a generation I raised.

Launching into beauty feels like the most relevant way to tell that story in today’s landscape.”

Baby Phat Beauty’s Shimmer Dreams sets are available now for $45 each on babyphatbeauty.com.


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