Kodak Black Reacts To Report Of Man Marrying His Goddaughter: ‘My Dad Did the Same Sh*t’


Recently we shared the viral story of 18 yr old Deja Haugabook who married her 61-year-old godfather and people have been weighing in heavy with opinions and stories.

One comment that went viral was from rapper Kodak Black who said his own father did the same thing.

Read below via Complex:

Reports of the unconventional union garnered a wide range of reactions across social media, most of which slammed the man for marrying someone whom he had known since their infancy.

But not everyone was shocked or disturbed by the move.

Earlier this week, Kodak Black took to Instagram to weigh in on the reports of Michael and Deja Haugabook’s marriage.

The 24-year-old rapper questioned why everyone was so up in arms over the relationship and went on to claim there was a similar incident within his own family.

“SMH my daddy did this same sh*t,” he wrote in a since-deleted post. “Left us to start another family with his goddaughter, I was about 9. But I ain’t judging nobody. To each’s own. It could be true love.”

Reports of Michael and Deja began circulating on social media this week, prompting the latter to address the backlash on Facebook.

Deja, whose mother allegedly dated Michael years ago, dismissed the criticism as jealousy and insisted she was happy with her decision.

“People love to call me a child because I’m 18,” she wrote. “First of all, I’m grown asf. I take care of all my four kids, work full time, have cars paid in full … So you hoes continue to hate on the REALEST B*TCH because I am a QUEEN no peasant.”

At the end of the day, the conversation surrounding this remain’s the same. We have to be vigilant about the signs and red flags around our children.


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