La’Porsha Will Have Any Grown Woman Ugly Crying Every Time She Sings On American Idol


I do not watch American Idol, I watch La’Porsha Renae because she will sing the be-jesus off of anything and she did just that last week when she delivered a soul-wrenching version of Mary J Blige’s No Drama.

While she sang her version of the song, I felt every emotion, I saw her releasing all her stress the 22-year-old took us all there.

She brought people to tears and a tearful Jennifer Lopez told her she understood the pain she sang from as La’Porsha ended her rendition in tears.

I have watched her performance over and over again and shed tears every time!

watch for yourself here:

In case you need more watch her sing with Fantasia the classic song Summertime” by Ella Fitzgerald and get your everlasting life.

Girl, you better win this thing, got us all emotional every damn Wednesday! *wipes face*


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