Las Vegas Reporter Receives Hate Mail About Her Natural Hair – “It Must Smell Bad”


Another day another racist incident against natural hair! If I had a dollar for everytime a woman of color, student or child has experienced racism over their hair I probably would be filthy rich!

In this case, 26-year-old Demetria Obilor wears her natural tresses on KLAS 8 News Now and recently she shared with Twitter a racist note she received about her hair.

Read the note below:

In an interview with Yahoo! Beauty Demetria shared that she has received quite a few emails like that all of which have made her very angry:

“The first few times I got emails like that, I was enraged, but I knew if I responded (the way I wanted to) I’d probably lose my job. And honestly, it’s not worth going back and forth via email with someone that ignorant.

Instead, I tell high school tour groups who stop by the station about these sorts of experiences, so they can prepare themselves for what it’s going to take to work in this industry, keeping your composure and picking your battles. There’s nothing to be won cursing out some racist fool online — much to lose, though.”

She also shared that in college she was told to straighten her hair or wear a wig if she intended to have any sort of on-air career.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be employed by stations that have embraced my natural look, but I know that many black women would have a different story to tell [about their work] in the TV business,” she said.

“I want people to understand what it’s like simply being who you are when you’re black. Some people have the audacity to say things like ‘racism doesn’t exist anymore,’ but that email was a prime example [that it does].”

Just this week alone I have shared similar stories of discrimination involving children with natural hair and as we continue to share them, I have to wonder when will it end?

I would think that it is realistic to believe that at some point, women of color should not have to experience any beratement, judgment, racial indignation or discipline for what naturally grows out of our scalps. My only hope is that it is within this lifetime.

Thank you, Demetria, for using your unfortunate circumstances to educate young people who want a career similar to yours on what they might face and how to handle it.

Your hair is amazing!


  1. So sad, I’m not surprised however, your hair is beautiful, some people are just mean, nasty, and ugly, God bless them all. Keep rockin sister, you and your hair are amazing.


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