Leslie Jones Says She May No Longer Live Recap Olympics: I Won’t Stay ‘Anywhere I’m Not Welcomed’


With the Winter 2022 Olympics Games under way Actress and Comedian Leslie Jones, continued her tradition of reacting to the events, and posting her reaction for all of us to enjoy.

Her videos are in our opinion top-tier content but not everyone seems to think so.

The actress took to Twitter saying in part that she will no longer be reacting to Olympic events and that she refuses to stay anywhere she is not wanted.

On Instagram she wrote:
I’m starting to feel like this should be my last Olympics I live Tweet.

Then goes on to say:

“I know, another celebrity bitching. “But I’m tired of fighting the folks who don’t want me to do it. They block my videos and they get folks who think they can do it like me. And I’m tired of fighting them.”

see below:

and then she followed up with:

One user reacted to her Tweet by saying, Leslie’s commentary is the reason we even tune in, in the first place.

Another user suggested that NBC should have capitalized on Leslie’s popularity and embraced it instead of putting restrictions on her content.




According to People just hours before her post about pushback to her videos, Jones was watching and commenting on the team figure skating event live from home.

“I do this because I really enjoy watching the Olympics,” she said in one clip with Team USA’s Karen Chen was skating. “I really love you guys’ reactions … this is like everybody coming together, no matter what’s going on. … When I’m doing this, my spirit is totally in it. … I do this with real passion.”

In the comment section of that post, Holly Robinson Peete wrote to Jones, “Yeah your commentary is great and you should be doing this on Peacock like snoop and Kev!!!!!!”

Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg have an Olympic highlights show on NBC’s Peacock.

Responding to Peete, Jones wrote, “You think Kevin and snoop give a f— about athletes and Olympics? Honestly I think this should be my last one. Its frustrating.”

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