“Let It Burn?” – Herpes 101 – What The Usher Story Should Really Be About


I have followed Shannon Boodram for years and as a licensed sexologist I knew she would be all over the Usher story but in a very constructive way.

Recently Usher has been in the “news” and all over the blogs because he got sued for allegedly affecting a woman with herpes and having to pay her 1.1 million as a settlement. Since then at least two other women have come forward to collect checks as well.

I have no idea what the circumstances were that led to what Usher has been accused of nor am I concerned about all the drama surrounding it.

What I was concerned about was all the unconstructive hype around the story even though statistics state that 1 in 6 people have herpes and clearly we are still we are uncomfortable talking about it.

As I mentioned Shannon decided to look at the issue in a very constructive way and posted a video called: Let it burn? HERPES 101 with USHER. In the video, she breaks down herpes from a scientific standpoint, gives some statistics and also speaks to women that are actually living with herpes.

Even though this is by far not related to the content you typically read about here I think the conversation is important and can only lead to better decisions about our health at the end of the day.

Watch Shannon’s video below:


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