LeToya Luckett’s New Show, “Leave It To LeToya,” Gives Us A Close Look Into Her Life

LeToya Luckett
Photo credit: Twitter - LeToya Luckett

Have you ever wondered what happens in LeToya Luckett’s life away from the spotlight?

With her new show, “Leave It To LeToya,” you can see for yourself.

The show gives us a deep look into the life of the Grammy award-winning singer, entrepreneur, and actress.

It shows us how she pursues happiness after her divorce and faces the everyday challenges of balancing motherhood with her career.

The Chance to Show Us Her Life

LeToya Luckett
Photo credit: Twitter – LeToya Luckett

LeToya Luckett has wanted this show to happen for a long time, so her excitement is palpable.

She teamed up with the Kin Community to bring the show to life, and it’s the most authentic glimpse into LeToya’s life you can find.

But this isn’t LeToya Luckett’s first time appearing on T.V.

The Destiny’s Child founding member featured in T.I. and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle, aired on VH1.

She was also featured in two web series: Life, Love & Music and H-Town Chick.

She Embraces Vulnerability

LeToya Luckett
Photo credit: Twitter – LeToya Luckett

Reality T.V. isn’t for everyone.

In fact, it has damaged more than one celebrity’s career because of the intimate access and exposure to their daily lives.

Some celebs, after all, have flaws that they would rather the world not know.

But LeToya Luckett sees this as an opportunity.

She wants to show her own vulnerabilities to inspire others to cope with things they might be going through.

She wants to be transparent, heal people, and be relatable to the people watching.

The Right Platform for LeToya Luckett

Of all the networks LeToya Luckett could have chosen, why Kin?

That’s easy.

Kin specializes in shows tailored to diverse women who are 25 or older.

These women are starting or growing their families, homes, and careers.

Before teaming up with them, LeToya was an avid viewer.

She loved their production quality, content, and Kin community.

So, imagine LeToya’s surprise when she found Kin itself had reached out to her about making a show together.

She had a meeting with them the next week, and here we are.

Leave It To Letoya: Conclusion

LeToya Luckett
Photo credit: Twitter – LeToya Luckett

Not every reality T.V. show works out for the celebrity in question.

But LeToya Luckett is earnest about showing a realistic take on her life without sugarcoating the problems she faces each day.

If nothing else, this should make for entertaining and relatable T.V.

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