Lets Talk About Shedding – How Much Is Too Much?

shedding hair

In natural hair forums or groups, there is always that one girl who has just finished detangling and decides to post a picture of her hairball with the question “Is this too much hair to shed in one detangling session?”. As odd as that practice seems it is a valid question and I see it all the time.

To know if your hair fall is too much the first thing you have to determine is, what is normal shedding for you? Typically the average human loses approximately 100 hair strands per day according to his or her growth cycle.

If you have tightly coiled hair and you detangle often using hair tools like combs or brushes you will lose way more hair than a woman who uses her fingers to detangle.

Now that you know what is normal you need to know what a shed hair looks like, so that you do not confuse shedding with breakage.

Photo of a hair bulb

A hair that sheds from the root of your scalp will have a white bulb at the end of it and it will be much longer than a broken hair. Broken hairs tend to be shorter in length and they do not have the signature white bulb.

Go with your gut

If you have a feeling that the amount of hair you are shedding is too much in comparison to what you normally see, it is time to pay attention to how your hair sheds every time after the first time things seem abnormal.

If you see noticeable patches of missing hair on your scalp and edges, then there might be something wrong especially if you did not just have a baby. (Post partum shedding is normal for new moms)

If you are under a lot of stress or taking medication that can cause hair loss it is time to see a doctor. Shedding is primarily caused by internal health-related issues and a medical professional should be your first line of defense.

DIY Options

Once you have consulted with your doctor you can try a few other things to reduce excessive hair loss. Garlic based shampoos and conditioners can help. Black tea rinses are also great for reducing shedding, and good old crushed garlic in your deep conditioner can also help.

If you want to see how to do a black tea rinse, watch this video:

For a garlic and onion mix demonstration, check out this video:

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