There Are Levels To This – Shani Crowe Showcases African Braiding In A One OF A Kind Art Exhibit


The other day I did a photo based post on dutch braids and one of my readers poignantly pointed out that dutch braids are simply two corn rows and she questioned why I did not just say that.

I agree with her, Dutch braids are one of the types of braiding pattern we see in the tradition of corn rows and within African braid tradition over all. It is probably the simplest version of the rich artistry that African braiding contributes to the world.

The truth is, braids can be found all over the world even in Europe which is why we have titles like “Dutch Braids” But African braiding is on a whole other level which was the reasoning I gave to her on Facebook! In Chicago, there was an art exhibit that showcased just what I mean and it was way to awesome not to share.

Shani Crowe has been braiding hair since she was 11 years old and she wanted to demonstrate the pure art of African braid tradition through a photo Art exhibit held in Halsted Chicago IL at 3 Arts Museum. The exhibit was simply called Braids.

As an interdisciplinary artist, I have always wanted to incorporate my braid training into my work, while also asserting my voice into a rich tradition that has become increasingly appropriated in mainstream culture. I want to offer a gesture of genuine gratitude and imagination for my craft amidst the exploitation of trend. With this campaign and your support, I will honor this evolving tradition seated within the crest of the Black feminine experience. – Shani Crowe on her exhibit Braids, 3Arts

Check out some of her amazing pieces:
Shani Crowe

braids 2

braids 3

braids 4

braids 33

braids 44

Shani Crowe And Her Parents
fusion 2
fusion 3

Watch Shani’s story here:

That is one talented sistah, if you are in the Chicago area you should go check it out. Shani posted on Instagram that her work will be available to see until April 30th.


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