Lila Ike Says People Putting Their Hands In Her Hair Is One of Her Biggest Pet Peeves

Lila Ike

Lila Ike is one of Jamaica’s and the Caribbean’s most coveted reggae artists and a personal favorite of ours. She signed to the RCA roster after dropping her debut EP ‘The ExPerience’.


If you like reggae music and you do not have ‘The ExPerience’ in your collection, you are missing out, her album is amazing and consistently on repeat.

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Recently Lila Ike shared a little bit about herself on CVM TV’s 876Questions, which is similar to Vogue’s 73 questions on Youtube.

Essentially the interview is conducted at the celebrity’s home or in their chosen space and consists of a specific number of random rapid-fire questions.

The interview style is laid back and creates an opportunity for us to get to know the person being interviewed without any super-rigid structure. 

During the interview, they asked Lila everything from, what food she would take with her to a deserted island to, who has been sliding in the DM’s to what it has been like creating and working with Protoje.

Every question/answer was interesting but the one thing that stood out to us was what she called her number 1 pet peeve and something that drives her absolutely crazy.

Similar to many of us Lila hates when folks put their hands in her hair. Laughing as she expressed how much she hated it she said:

“I know it looks cozy, but yuh nuh…… no”

Speaking of hair, Lila switches things up from her signature fro often enough for us to take notice.

Whether it’s for working on a project or just having a protective style, here are a few styles we love.

Some of our Favorite Lila Ike Hairstyles

Lila’s hairstylist is Melleisa Dawkins known as @Hair_by_napturamel on Instagram and we have loved all of the styles she has done for Lila, including this style below:

This one:

And this one:
Lila Ike hair stylist

Braids and cornrows

Lila Ike cornrows

Lila Ike cornrows and beads

long cornrows lila Ike

Lila Ike

Bantu Knots
Lila Ike Bantu Knots

Her signature fro
Lila Ike signature fro

More notable extracts from her interview

In addition to pet peeves, Lila Ike was also asked about her views on spirituality. To her spirituality means connecting with everything around her.

“Connecting with everything, all of this,” she said.

“Understanding that you know, everything here so, you, me, the tree dem, all ah dis a give energy and you know keeping that energy and utilizing it.”

She was also asked about the music industry, specifically about how toxic it can get and how she navigates the negativity.

Lila shared that the industry can often be taxing on creatives noting: “I feel like as musicians we’re making a product of our element and so for me personally, it can get a bit toxic when I’m trying to strike that balance and remember I started singing because I love singing.

It’s not just about getting a big song and how much streams on YouTube. Don’t allow that to really affect you. Don’t try to compare yourself or compete.”

“Trying to stay level headed and enjoy your success in the same breath, that can get toxic sometimes for sure,”

When she was asked about the best thing about the music industry she said she loved that she is able to inspire people. “Old people, young people, it gives me life.”

Watch the entire interview below:

What is your number 1 pet peeve? Comment below, we want details!


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