The Little Professor Skye Book Series Depicts Little Black Girls As Pilots, Doctors And Construction Workers


Shaping the minds of young black children are 100% our responsibility and one author/entrepreneur is doing his part at ensuring that young girls know that they can be anything they want to be including brilliant doctors, scientists, constructions workers or pilots.

The Little Professor Skye book series features a curly haired black girl who explores her world with the help of her dad who is a professor. The series was created my Munson Steed who said the book was inspired by his 7yr old god daughter Skye Johnson.

From their Facebook:

Little Professor Skye is an intelligent and brilliantly curious little girl who is encouraged to explore her favorite things by her dad, the Professor.

Written by author, Munson Steed (publisher of Rolling Out), Little Professor’s Skye’s Favorite Things will encourage young children to love reading while exploring the wonderful possibilities of science, technology, and the arts.

What I love most about it are the images that show Skye in a variety of professions with no gender bias which can put limits on our children that they just do not need.

It is so important that kids understand that they can be anything they want to be with a little imagination and a ton of hard work at school.

I do not know about you but this is an awesome Christmas gift for that special girl or boy in your life. I might send a few copies over to Delta Airlines while I am at it!

Check out the Little Professor Skye Facebook Page here.


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