@littlemissflint Posted A Picture Reminding Us That It Has Been Five Years And Flint Still Does Not Have Clean Water


We were first introduced to Mari Copeny when she was just 8 years old and today she reminded us just how long it has been seen Flint has had clean water. Mari, has created a household name for herself as @littlemissflint and in 2016 she wrote a letter to President Obama urging him to do something about the water crisis in her city.

Mari is now 11 years old and she posted a picture that is a glaring reminder of the fact that Flint Michigan does not have something as simple as ‘safe tap water”.

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Mari wrote – “Five years,” “Flint, Michigan has been without safe tap drinkable water for FIVE YEARS.” Then she shared this photo on Twitter:

What is the situation with Flint now

1. State of emergency declared in 2016
2. Bottled water should have been provided to residents free of cost up until 2020 (projected year for pipes being fixed completely)
3. 2018 Governor Rick Snyder ended the free bottled water program after it was determined that lead levels were within Federal guidelines

Despite this Mari is still working for her city, she has raised over $200K through crowdfunding methods so that families can continue to receive bottled water. To be honest, it is a shame that an 11-year-old child has to keep this issue front and center and a priority while grown folk brag about sending money to France to rebuild a Cathedral.

Keep fighting Mari, you are a remarkable young lady!


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