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Live On EmilyCottonTop

This Stylist Made 11K By Going Live On EmilyCottonTop – Here is What Happened!

Since re-launching Emily CottonTop in 2016 one of the goals we have been very focused on was creating a platform that is interactive as well as profitable for me and other business owners that pay for advertising.

As a matter of fact, the level of support my audience shows to my entrepreneurial colleagues is not something I take lightly and is part of the very heart and soul of my platform. With that said I am making a personal effort of documenting some of the success stories, starting with one the best ones to date.

Live On EmilyCottonTop Case study- Weightless Hair System

Lamont Lawrence is a hair stylist with a salon in the Atlanta area and we have worked together in the past introducing his products using 30-second videos posted to my social media platform. You can read more about his products here.

While those posts were successful Lamont has since used the live feature on my Facebook page and made over 11 thousand dollars in two days.

Here is what happened — I contacted Lamont about the opportunity to go live on my facebook page early in the week with the understanding that he would demonstrate his products on one of his clients and I would be in the background supporting him on the following Saturday.

We started at 9 am Saturday morning and it was amazing! For one, Lamont has a great personality and he wasn’t new to going live so he handed his client the phone and went to work. (His client read the comments and questions and Lamont answered them while doing her hair)

He used his products and gave his client a sleek wash and press engaging every potential customer as he went along. We answered questions for two days straight on the live video and through email.

In short the video received over 1 million views in the course of two days and Lamont made over 11K in 48 hours:
Live On EmilyCottonTop

Just to give you a glimpse of his post office run on Monday watch below:


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