Loni Love Breaks Down In Tears Discussing Tami Roman’s Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Tami Roman opened up about her health on the daytime talk show ‘THE REAL’ sharing with the cast that in 2008 she was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder.

This is a mental health disorder where the diagnosed person is obsessive about what they perceive as flaws in their appearance.

In the segment, Tami said her mind has such a warped sense of perception that negative comments saying “Tami you are too skinny” or “Tami you look like a bobblehead” are compliments to her.

She shared that what the audience sees and what she sees are two different things, and if she could lose 10-20 more pounds it would be perfect.

Loni shared her own sentiments in tears, saying that she thinks Tami is beautiful, saying she was worried about her friend especially after seeing recent pictures.

Watch the emotional segment below:


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We are glad Tami is opening up about what she is going through.


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