L’Oreal Facing Another Lawsuit For A Relaxer That Is Causing Hairloss


Back in September L’Oreal found themselves in some hot water because women were complaining that their new relaxer was burning off their hair.

Well just this week another angry customer came forward with photo’s saying she was going to sue the company because she purchased the relaxer thinking she would get fuller silkier hair which the box promised.

Via TMZ Exclusive:

L’Oréal’s got another angry customer … and she says SHE has PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence the company burned her bald.
L’Oréal’s pushing a hair relaxer called SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Amla Legend No-Mix, No-Lye Relaxer. Delicia Taylor says in a new lawsuit she relied on the promise she’d get fuller, silkier hair.

So imagine her dismay when she looked in the mirror to see bald spots, burns, blistering and scabs on her scalp … this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

We broke the story … L’Oréal was sued back in September when a group of angry customers made similar allegations … this after L’Oréal got a bunch of celebrities to tout the product.

Taylor’s suing on behalf of all women allegedly burned for more than $5 million in damages. Why? Because they’re worth it.

Here is the thing, there is no way a relaxer can promise fuller hair, relaxers are designed to reduce the radius of the strand which will reduce the ‘fullness’ of your hair over all. Either way, customers have to do what they have to do! Have you all heard of the Alma Legend relaxer, comment below!


  1. That is awful! This is the reason why black women should leave relaxers alone. Some black women do not realize that the chemicals used in relaxers are toxic. My advice to black women: If your hair has been damaged by relaxers, then it is time to start learning how to take care of your hair without relaxers. If you still want a straight style, it would be better to use blow dryers and flatirons. Just deep condition and use a heat protectant. Even heat should not be used on hair everyday or on a temperature that is too hot for the person’s hair texture. If heat is too damaging to the hair, then heat free styles such as rollersets, flexi rod sets, buns, twists, braids and other styles should be encouraged.
    We as black women must learn that beauty comes from within. We have to learn that what God has given us is good enough. Because of the history of slavery and today’s standards of beauty; however, many black women feel that they have to fit in by either relaxing their hair straight or wearing weaves. It is time for black women to take back their natural hair and accept themselves for who they really are.

    • I forgot to mention this in my previous post, but before you straighten your hair with heat, make sure you wash your hair, then deep condition, and then add a heat protectant.


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