A Love Story And A Protective Style! – Brianna Shares How Her Boyfriend Slays Her Hair


As we all know it’s Valentine’s day and whether you celebrate the day in a real way or you have Valentines every day it is always nice to see couples reaffirming their love to each other in the most random ways ever.

A few days ago Brianna reached out to me and asked that we could share her video of her boyfriend slaying her protective style and I knew I had to save it for Valentines Day.

Briana and Theron just started a youtube channel together and they want to do well so I thought I would help them out a bit by sharing their love story over a protective style.

In the video I am about to share Theron makes note that he is not a hairstylist but he often does his girl’s protective styles because it’s expensive for her to see a stylist. So what did he do? He hit Youtube and learned to do her twists himself!

Check out their cute video:

I fell in love with the authenticity of this video and knew I had to save it for Valentines Day not to mention there are few noted gems there as well.

1. You can absolutely do your own protective styles

As Theron mentioned if you want to do simple protective styles on your natural hair you should try to do it yourself especially if you want to save money. Search for tutorials on youtube and practice until you get it right.

2. Use recycled hair

Reusing old hair is nothing to be ashamed of especially if you take care of your purchased hair everytime you use it. This is a great money saving tip, recycle, recycle, recycle!

3. Use the install as bonding time

I loved that Theron and Bri used the time to reaffirm the reasons they appreciate each other and that for me that was probably one of the coolest lessons. Traditionally in the black community we often sit and get our hair done between the legs of family members (in this case a boyfriend) and we use the time to connect with each other.

That time together is priceless and you hear the best stories and get the best affirmations during those moments. I love that ritual and Theron and Bri brought that to life.

Happy Valentines Day


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