Mackenzie Scott The Ex-Wife to Jeff Besos Gives HBCUs Their Largest-Ever Single Donor Donation


Ok Mackenzie Scott we see you!

Three historically Black colleges and universities announced Tuesday that they each received what is considered their largest ever single donor donation in their school’s history.

Howard University, Xavier University of Louisiana, and Hampton University were all beneficiaries of massive donations.

According to CBS news two of the schools, Howard and Hampton, announced that the donations came from MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos who announced earlier Tuesday that she has donated $1.7 billion of her fortune to charity.

Although Xavier said their donor chose to remain anonymous, Scott announced that she had also donated to the university.

“I would like to thank Ms. Mackenzie Scott for her investment into Howard University and our 153-year mission of serving a diverse community of dynamic scholars who come here

for an education and leave here with purpose to serve the world,” Howard University President Wayne A. I. Frederick said in a statement.

“We plan to immediately put this eight-figure gift to good use to support components of our 5-year strategic plan to help students graduate on time, retain our talented faculty, enhance our campus infrastructure and support academic innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Mackenzie Scott

Howard did not disclose the amount it received — but Xavier said it was given $20 million.

“The institution is known for its long history of producing more African American MDs than any other institution in the United States, also federal judges, civil rights attorneys,

renowned artists and musicians, business leaders, and elected officials – serving on local, state and national levels,” Xavier said in a statement announcing the donation.

Hampton University — which received a donation from Scott but did not reveal the amount — said they are looking into several areas where the money could be spent, including scholarships, upgrades to science labs and the campus as a whole.

Money could also go to the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute, “where lives are saved daily from the devastating effects of cancer,” the university said in a statement.

mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott Wrote On Medium:

“I began work to complete my pledge with the belief that my life had yielded two assets that could be of particular value to others: the money these systems helped deliver to me,

and a conviction that people who have experience with inequities are the ones best equipped to design solutions.

Last fall, I asked a team of non-profit advisors with key representation from historically marginalized race, gender, and sexual identity groups to help me find and assess organizations having major impact on a variety of causes.

Though this work is ongoing and will last for years, I’m posting an update today because my own reflection after recent events revealed a dividend of privilege I’d been overlooking: the attention I can call to organizations and leaders driving change.

The non-profits listed below were selected for transformative work in one of the following areas of need:

Total given to date:
Racial Equity: $ 586,700,000
LGBTQ+ Equity: $ 46,000,000
Gender Equity: $ 133,000,000
Economic Mobility: $ 399,500,000
Empathy & Bridging Divides: $ 55,000,000
Functional Democracy: $ 72,000,000
Public Health: $ 128,300,000
Global Development: $ 130,000,000
Climate Change: $ 125,000,000

On this list, 91% of the racial equity organizations are run by leaders of color, 100% of the LGBTQ+ equity organizations are run by LGBTQ+ leaders, and 83% of the gender equity organizations are run by women, bringing lived experience to solutions for imbalanced social systems.

Driven by a deep belief in the value different backgrounds bring to problem-solving on any issue, we selected for diversity in leadership across all categories of giving, supporting vital variety of perspective and experience in solutions on every cause.

All of these leaders and organizations have a track record of effective management and significant impact in their fields. I gave each a contribution and encouraged them to spend it on whatever they believe best serves their efforts.”

Mackenzie Scott is considered the third-richest woman in the United States with a net worth of $36 Billion according to Forbes. This will be great for our HBCU’s!


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