Magnolia Maymuru Is The First Aboriginal Model In The Miss World Australia Competition

Magnolia Maymuru

Magnolia Maymuru is 19 years old and she will make history this year as the first Aboriginal model representing the Northern Territory in the annual Miss World Australia Competition.

According to BuzzFeed Australia:

“It’s crazy, I was talking to my best friend last night and she was so proud of me because we were in year 12 two years ago and she said to me, ‘who knew you would be doing this at this time?’ It’s absolutely mind blowing,” Maymuru told BuzzFeed News.

“I have been getting a lot of support from family and it keeps me very stable and makes me want to do this,” she said.

Magnolia Maymuru
Maymuru is a proud Yolngu woman from the remote community of Yirrkala in eastern Arnhem, where English is a second language and everyday life is dictated by Yolngu culture.

It’s a region known more for media portrayals of high rates of suicide, incarceration rates, and substance abuse than positive young role models. Mayumuru wants to change that perception.

“The main reason why I agreed to do it is that I don’t want to do it just for myself, I want to do it for young people all over Australia. That means black or white. I grew up both ways, the Yolngu way, and the balanda way, which is the white man’s way, the western way,” Maymuru said.

“I want to do this for all the young kids. To instill in them the belief and inspiration that anything is possible if you continue to do it and you work hard,” she said.

About the difference between home and model life:

Magnolia Maymuru

“When I go back home I go hunting and camping with my dad, the usual stuff. When I come to Darwin I go into hair salons and photos shoots and it’s totally different.”

We totally want her to win, because if she wins the competition she will represent Australia at the international Miss World event in London which would be amazing!

Read the rest of her story here


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