How To Make Curls With Your Fingers And Bobby Pins With @NaturallyChea






NaturallyChea loaded the above snip to her Instagram showing how she does pin curls in her hair to create the cutest curls.

This was her description:

No rods? No problem! Hate styling with heat?? No problem!! Want heatless curls but you suck at doing Bantu knots? No problem!!! I’m sure we all have a million bobby pins laying around so grab them and use your fingers to create some heatless curls!

I prefer to do these on stretched hair with no water, there’s various methods you can do to stretch out your hair without heat i.e) twist-out, braid-out, buns, banding method, roller set, but I’m starting with combed out wand curls. You can also do this on clean wet hair if you prefer, just keep in mind if water is used, the drying time increases.

  • Part a small/medium sections and apply your favorite styler. I find that cream based products work best for this style so I used the @controlledchaoshair Curl Crème.
  • Brush and smooth out your hair then wrap it around your finger. Tip: Wrap your hair around more fingers on the bottom layers of your hair to keep some length and use fewer fingers on the top for a tighter curl 😉
  • Slide your finger and hold the curl in shape then use a couple bobby pins to hold it in place.
  • Allow your hair to completely dry, (you can air dry or sit under a dryer, I air dried overnight in my elongated satin bonnet.
  • Afterwards, take out the bobby pins and lightly oil your hands to separate the curls & VOILA, heatless, bouncy curls!

Once she adds her complete tutorial, I will update this post! — Happy pincurling!


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