Make Your Own Eco Styler Custard For Soft Curls And Great Definition

DIY Custard

Every time we talk about Eco Styler Gel someone mentions that they do not like it because it flakes or that it is way to hard for their hair.

With that said I came across a few videos where people are transforming their Eco styler gel into a custard which might be a viable alternative to those of you who still want to use the gel without all the stiffness.

Watch this video:

The benefits of the custard are pretty simple:

1. The added oils make the product so much healthier
2. Softer look with the same hold on your curls
3. Healthier for your edges
4. May not flake

If you really want to get fancy you can add Shea Butter as well! Check out another video that includes shea butter:

Happy Mixing


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