How To Make Flower Clips For Your Little Princess


I came across little Jade Noelle on Instagram, her mom runs her account and the styles were so adorable I could not help but share them.

I am the biggest fan of little girls who wear styles that support their youth and girlhood because they grow up so fast so why not enjoy them at this age while we can.

Jade had the cutest styles check them out here:


i_am_jade_noelle 9


Of course I was so in love with the whole ‘flower in her hair’ vibe I had to find a tutorial on how to make flower clips for little girls.

If you are a DIY type of mom then this tutorial is right up your alley! Here is what you will need:

1. Hot glue gun
2. hair clips
3. Some flowers for the clips
4. Scissors

Making the flower clips is honestly the easiest thing to do, catch the tutorial below:

Put flowers in her hair so she can always feel like a princess and then when she grows up you can guarantee she will know she is a queen.


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