Makedaa Dolls Are Designed To Awaken The Queen That Lies Within Your Little Girl


I kid you not when I saw these dolls I literally wished I was five years old again. Makedaa Dolls is a doll company located in the UK that makes dolls that look just like your little girl with a full on fro.

The dolls are so adorable I had to drop everything and share them with you. The business was started when one of the owners (pictured below) tried desperately to find a black doll for her daughter and came up short.

According to their website Makedaa project has Ethiopian roots and was created to help little black girls who sometimes struggle with self-esteem feel better about themselves and their hair.

Via the website:

Makedaa is a strong, powerful, and beautiful Ethiopian queen, ruler of a large empire in East Africa. In a world where the standards of beauty rarely acknowledge them, little black girls sometimes struggle to build self-esteem. In that context, “Makedaa” becomes the symbol of acceptance and positive identification.

Our magnificent dolls are designed not only with black skin but also with black features, healthy silhouettes and luxurious afros for our precious little ones to feel recognized, beautiful and loved.

Check out the dolls:

Reemah Afia black

Reema Afia is an African Princess. She is caring and a great listener. She is the perfect friend who will keep all your secrets. Reema is a stunning standing doll, the tallest of the three sisters.
– Vinyl standing doll
– 23.6 inches and 2.9 pounds
– moving joints
– exquisitely vanilla perfumed
– designer dress.

Lya Serwaa

– Vinyl standing doll
– 17 inches and 2 pounds
– moving joints
– exquisitely vanilla perfumed
– designer dress

Lya Serwaa is the second sister. She is gentle and love to be cuddled. Lya is the right choice for those who need someone to love.

Winta Akua

Winta Akua is the youngest of the three princesses. She loves to be carried around and be kissed. It is the ideal companion for your little girl. 14 inch Baby Winta has a supple body, is tastefully perfumed with vanilla and wears a dress made by an African designer.

– baby doll with supple body
– 14.7 inches and 1 pound
– exquisitely vanilla perfumed
– designer dress

More pictures from Instagram:

If you want to find out more about these adorable dolls, head over to their website here.


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