Making Shea Butter With Hamamat


A few months ago I contacted the beautiful Hamamat and asked her if I could share her mini Shea Butter clips she had on her Instagram to my social media pages and she happily obliged.

The thing is I did not realize that she had the video on YouTube and since she did, I knew I had to share it here as well. I love following Hamamat, her spirit is just so amazing her whole vibe just makes you happy and she is an amazing Super Model.

Check out the view:
@iamhamamat 3

@iamhamamat 4

@iamhamamat 5


Hamamat went home to her country of Ghana and visited her village where she took her followers on a journey to Tamale where the best Shea Butter is made.

In the video, she shared the entire process and since Shea Butter is a staple in my home for my son’s skin, husband’s beard and my hair, the process is definitely intriguing.

Watch below:

The next time you buy some Shea Butter for $3.00 at the beauty supply store remember this video and all the love that goes into making it. We cannot afford to take some of the things we use daily for granted.

Hamamat sells shea butter and other products as well, check out her Instagram here.



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