Malia Obama Wears A “Smoking Kills” T-shirt To The Made In America Festival

Malia Obama


Malia Obama attended the Made in America Festival on Sunday and decided to send a little message to her critics. A few weeks ago Malia was photographed smoking weed at Lollapalooza in Chicago and the media went crazy with photos and videos everywhere. Maybe if she’s looking to get into smoking she should try vaping, as this is a much healthier alternative to cannabis and cigarettes. The best thing is, they have flavours! These can be found at Gourmet E Liquid, or even in shops local to you.

Well this time she wore a shirt that said “Smoking Kills” and I can bet she was saying to herself.. ok now “print that!”

I see you Malia but we all know the media never gravitates towards anything ‘positive’ especially when they are on a ‘tear down’ mission!

Well played though, well played!




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