Marc Jacobs Is In The Middle Of Another Cultural Appropriation Scandal And I Think It’s Diliberate


Marc Jacobs closed NYFW with a bang, he had his usual edgy clothing and models full of expression and vibrancy leaving all of his supporters wanting more.

From reports the show was awesome and as usual everybody is still buzzing about it but not in a good way. Marc decided to pull out his cultural appropriation card again considering all the free press he got for his mini buns aka Bantu knots last year.

This time, he dug deep (sarcasm) and went for locs, not neat and tidy locs, but dread locs the kind of locs that the average rasta man would wear. A better word for them are freedom locs and they are a culturally rooted in African and Caribbean history.

Instead of looking for black models with actual locs he thought he would create the locs using yarn or material that look like locs and put them on the heads of white women.

He told the press that his inspiration for the hair came from many different sources including Boy George and Marilyn Manson

“But as with any hairstyle for a fashion show, we look at tons of references,” he told Allure, “so the look ends up being a result of many different inspirations and cultural references,” a list that included musician Boy George and Marilyn Manson, ’80s club kids, Japanese Harajuku girls, and ravers. “It’s never about just looking at one thing or one reference point—it’s a melting pot of ideas.”

Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 Runway Show - Backstage

Then to ensure that people were really mad he decided to clap back at one of his accusers who told him about his ‘appropriation ways’.

His response was well thought out, in my opinion! He decided to go with something so ignorant it would almost ensure that I and many of my blogger colleagues would write enough about his shenanigans to give his show, even more, publicity than it already had.

Check out his response:

Marc JAcobs

In Marc’s words, we are ‘narrow-minded’ and apparently straight hair belong to white people but I digress.

In my opinion, nobody is this ignorant, Marc could not have made it in his industry being as blindly ignorant to cultural aesthetics as he wants people to believe.

The truth is negativity sells! And as backward as that sounds, people do it all the time. How many beefs do you know that were started right before an album dropped?(Insert The Game and Meek Mill here)

So here we are again, talking about Marc and flooding google with his pictures as he sits at home sipping something rich people sip while listening to gangsta rap and sending all his black friends gifts through Amazon.

Well played Marc, well played!


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