This Earthy Matcha Green Shade Is The Must Try Nail Trend This Spring


If you don’t already know, matcha green tea has become one of the hottest health and wellness trends in the last few years. It’s nothing super special—it’s just regular green tea leaves that are ground into a fine powder and made into a luscious, frothy tea. 

While the tea itself is a hit or a complete miss for most people, we can’t deny that this earthy, pastel green color is a gorgeous option for clothes, accessories, and yup you guessed it—acrylic and gel nails. 

Before Spring is over, make sure you get into this super chic matcha green tea nail shade and check out some unique design inspo below before you hit your next appointment. 


Matcha Green Nail Inspo for Spring 2022












Matcha Green Nail Trend
Queenie Nguyen



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