Why The Mayonnaise Hair Treatment Works For Most Hair Types


For as long as I can remember women have been using mayonnaise as a hair treatment and have been having a ton of success with it in terms of their hair’s overall health and growth.

The thing is, even though we all have heard that Mayo does wonders for our hair, do we really know why? In this post I wanted to explore The answer starting with the ingredient list found on your average jar of Mayo.

If you look at the back of your Mayonnaise jar you will see a list that looks a bit like this:

Soybean oil
Whole eggs and egg yolks
Lemon Juice
Calcium disodium EDTA
Natural flavors

From that list, we can extract the most beneficial ingredients for our hair which makes the treatment timeless and perfect for most of us. (I say most because some of us might be allergic)

Soybean oil

This oil is made from extracting the seeds of the soybean. It has vitamin K and the highest amount of omega 6 fatty acids than any oil out there. The oil can help to prevent split ends, and dryness and also known to encourage hair growth and amazing shine without all the grease.


We all have incorporated eggs into our hair regimen as protein treatments at some point in our hair journey. Eggs are great for strengthening the outer layer of the hair because it would have to be hydrolyzed to enter the hair shaft and strengthen the hair from the inside out.

The yolk is known for its vitamin B content which can improve circulation in the scalp and nourish the hair so that it can avoid dryness.

Lemon Juice

A natural source of Vitamin B, calcium and folic acid that is used to treat the scalp when mixed with other ingredients like honey or other carrier oils.


To be frank most of us prefer Apple Cider Vinegar over white vinegar because ACV can restore your hair’s natural pH along with a ton of other benefits. However, white vinegar does have its uses even though the pH is much lower. It can seal the hair cuticle and help you to retain moisture


This one is easy, it makes mayonnaise a moisturizer which makes it perfect for dry hair.

Calcium disodium EDTA

Of all the ingredients this one might raise the most eyebrows but with a little bit of research you will figure out why it is great for your hair.

According to the FDA, this is a preservative for foods and is also used to help the food keep its color intact. For hair and skin, this ingredient is used to prevent metals from being deposited to the scalp, hair, and skin.

If you are in areas that have hard water then you know that metals can get deposited to the hair and you can only remove them using a chelating shampoo. EDTA is added to these shampoos to help cleanse the hair of metallic materials from the hard water.

How to treat your hair with Mayonnaise

Start with damp hair! You can apply the Mayo to your hair directly as you would any conditioner for deep conditioning, cover with a plastic cap and heated thermal cap if you have one. Leave the treatment on for at least 20 minutes.

Some women add eggs to the treatment which is ok but if you find that your hair feels too hard after adding eggs and mayo then it might be a case of too much protein. You can also add oils to your mix or whatever other enhancement you want your hair to have at the time of treatment.

Shampoo your hair clean and then condition as normal after all of the mayonnaise is removed from your hair. Try the mayo treatment once a month or once every 14 days depending on your hair’s needs.


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