Meet Melanin Goddess Khoudia Diop


“She says “they nicknamed me Darky, daughter of the night, mother of the stars”

Every now and again in this lifetime you will come across someone so beautiful you have to wonder, ‘is this person real?”. Khoudia Diop is from Senegal and her dark skin along with her stunning features have brought her a lot of attention including write-ups in Bossip and African Celebs.

From her Instagram I can tell that she is an artist full of compassion and pride about where she is from. She also works as a model in Paris and New York which is comes as no surprise to anyone because she is absolutely stunning, check out her pictures:









If you have any doubt about the diversity of black people and the levels to our beauty, Khoudia will bring you right back to center.


  1. Unbelievably beautiful … debunks all notion that black cannot be beautiful. Been sharing it like crazy. Very proud of her and love her to bits.

  2. You are absolutely beautiful and I can tell by your smile you are a beautiful person inside as well (which is the most important). May God bless your endeavors. I hope you know God….the true creator of beauty such as yourself!!

  3. Yaasss, this sister is goor-geous! I swear, God don’t make ugly! I especially love the second picture. How can I get a large print for my wall?

  4. I am so proud the TRUTH about this SENEGALESE beauty has finally been shared. In my travels to Senegal to visit extended family, I saw so many beautiful faces like Ms. Diop’s. I want to thank her on behalf of myself and my beautiful Tanzanian daughter! BRAVO. It doesn’t matter what others call you; you were made in the image of GOD: majestic and beautiful…

  5. You know when you see someone and you just stop and admire? This is rare natural beauty! Wow! Someone give her a contract! She’s Stunning! Wow!!!

  6. She is stunningly beautiful. Her confidence, self-pride and carisma shines boldly through her beauty! Yaasss, beauty is only skin deep. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

  7. As an artist, I love finding photosets like this because it shows me things I don’t expect but then need to incorporate in my art. The darkness of her skin is so beautiful, it even goes blue in some of the shots (which is why the one with the blue lipstick and nail polish stands out so much, the tones match and give the whole image punch). She is gorgeous, I love how her eyes crinkle with her smile.

  8. ❤✨Stunning….God makes all of us with differences for a reason. To make us unique. Otherwise we would look like the same boring cookie cutter.

  9. You can see the entire Universe in her skin. Wow! Absolutely breathtaking. Even if I died I would still want to come back” black”. Infinitely External✌???

  10. She doesn’t even look real. She looks like a doll! I don’t know how to explain it, other than she’s like other worldly gorgeous! Like she not even from this planet. She probably an angel hiding out here, she can’t be human.

  11. Oh my Lord! I have never seen a human being this beautiful. God created her with such luminescent skin, amazing bone structure, a radiant smile. My gawd, she is magnificent.

  12. Oh my she is absolute stunning! Her skin is sooooo beautiful, her color a lone looks amazing. I love her! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and see her beauty!

  13. Don’t understand the reason our people have even defend or even have to display our diverse skin tones for anyone to make any comments. Caucasian are never on display as to the reference of their skin tone. Funnily, our own people started their own interracial war with terms like, “red bone”, “high yellow ” and “blacky” only to mention a few. My son is a darker tone he was getting teased by his own race. I was floored. Brothers and sisters check yourself cause your the only one selling out your own race and it all began in Africa. I see this young lady beyond her color. I see her as human and a sister.

  14. I happen to think she is stunning a d i am a white girl. Here coloring is so beautiful she glows from inside out. God’s hand for sure. Everyone has inner & outer beauty if u look for it. The wesley snipes guy comment is missing out in lifehis world is small.


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