Meet South Florida Police Officer Krystal Smith The Black Women Who Defended A Protester When She Was Pushed By Another Officer

Krystal Smith

I have been watching our sisters on the front line of these protests so when I found South Florida police officer Krystal Smith (@kryssedeal)seen in the now-viral video, I had to share her Instagram with you all here.

Just to give you a little background, there was a protester who was already on her hands and knees when a white police officer decided to further push her down on the ground in front of officer Krystal Smith.

Once our black queen caught wind of the atrocity she chased that cop away so fast it had our heads spinning! Watch below:


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Krysse is from the Caribbean hailing from the island of Guyana and if you check out her Instagram you will learn that she is quite the travel aficionado in addition to being the baddest cop in the South Florida Police department!


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I be having FUN because I got FUNDS! 💰

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Thank you for your service queen!



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