Megan Thee Stallion Shared That She Hasn’t Been Herself Lately And It’s Because Of Social Media


Megan Thee Stallion hopped on Twitter recently to share with her fans that she hasn’t been feeling herself lately and that she knows they have noticed.

She said it’s due to social media and how disrespectful people can be.

In her Tweet she said:

“I feel bad bc I haven’t really been being my self lately and I think the hotties can tell… I just can’t stand social media”

In a follow-up Tweet, she said “I get on here and people be talking abt my deceased parents and all kinds of rude sh*t I don’t even want to see it.”

Then in the same breath she had to defend herself from a troll who asked her if she put the cognac down.


Despite a few negative trolls.

Megan’s followers supported her feelings as much as they could, encouraging her to take some time away from social media because her mental health is important.





Social media can be a crazy ruthless place, we hope Megan, takes all the time she needs.


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