Michael Brown’s Mother Lezley McSpadden Graduates High School Alongside Her Daughter


Graduation season has been an emotional roller coaster this season as we see stories where parents are accepting diplomas for children that have passed away way too soon or stories of children losing their lives to violence right after graduation.

In addition to that, we have seen some very happy moments of parents and adults who have dreamed of getting diplomas and walking across the stage to proudly accept them, showing that it is never too late to accomplish your goals.

One such parent is Lezley McSpadden the mother of Michael Brown who recently shared her graduation day alongside her daughter Daysa.

Lezley has been pretty candid about her life since the passing of her son noting that she had Michael when she was in high school and she decided at that early age to leave school so she could care for her young son.

She has since created a foundation dedicated to her son and one of the things her organization is known for is promoting education. Her work often meant that she would have meetings with the superintendent of her public school district Art McCoy who discovered that McSpadden never finished school.

He was determined to help her get her diploma stating – “we had to get her educated and get a diploma,” and telling her – “What better way is it to honor your son than to get the degree he got?”

The school district rolled out an adult high school education program and McSpadden along with one other adult enrolled and attended on weekday afternoons. Both completed the program which was not only successful for both people personally but their success also meant that the program worked!

“We’re super excited,” McCoy said of the McSpadden’s success. McCoy says the district will be “growing it slowly” while making sure “we’re keeping our core student population graduating.”

Attorney Benjamin Crump one of Trayvon Martin’s case lawyers wrote this on Instagram:

Congratulations Ms. McSpadden we are all so very proud!!


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