Michelle Obama Is The Most Admired Woman In The World According To An Annual Study


Before Michelle Obama took the top spot Angelina Jolie was considered the most admired woman in the world but according to the latest Yougov study Michelle Obama is now the woman people look up to the most. #letsinkin! Want to know who is second on the list? Yup you guessed it, Oprah Winfrey!

According to YouGov they choose the most admired people based on a “study expanded to cover the views of people in 41 countries – the most ever – with more than 42,000 people being interviewed to compile the list.”

For the guys, Bill Gates still holds the number one spot, Barack Obama is second and Jackie Chan is third, Trump made the list too at number 14.

Read below via The Hill:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took the eighth place spot, ahead of Taylor Swift, Madonna and Ellen DeGeneres. First lady Melania Trump came in at number 19.

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates was named the most admired man on the planet, with former President Obama right behind him in the runner-up slot. Action movie star Jackie Chan, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Alibaba founder Jack Ma ranked third through fifth in the survey, respectively.

President Trump landed in 14th place, while Russian President Vladimir Putin was the 10th most admired man, according to those surveyed. It was better news for the Trumps in a separate YouGov survey of America’s most admired people. The current commander in chief came in second place, right behind the 44th president. Melania Trump ranked third in the women’s category, behind Michelle Obama and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.



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