Michelle Obama Stuns In $4000 Balenciaga Boots And We Are Not Mad!

Michelle Obama

Mam! What are those? Michelle Obama literally took our breath away during her appearance Wednesday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Wednesday night.

She was hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker and the details of her outfit have been everywhere. She wore a gorgeous, bright yellow gown from Balenciaga’s spring/summer 2019 collection and on her feet, she wore glittery $4000 Balenciaga thigh-high boots.

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Listen do not even act slightly alarmed! I am here for all of the stunting honey!

During her appearance, “forever Flotus” Michelle did share that now that she is out of the White House, she can basically do what she wants.

Read below via Vox:

Obama made a point to buy all of the clothes she wore as first lady, but that likely wouldn’t have mitigated criticism of such an extravagant pair of boots. Wearing the Balenciagas while in the White House likely would have led to charges of insensitivity, as many Americans don’t even earn $3,900 in a month.
The boots are far more than a sign of excess. Her memoir, which chronicles her rise from Chicago’s South Side to the White House, is about how she arrived, and the Balenciagas symbolize how far she’s come.

Women over 40 are told to play it safe with fashion and African Americans who flaunt their wealth, including Obama herself, tend to be criticized for not showing humility. But the former first lady has thrown to caution to the wind.

“Now, I’m free to do whatever,” she told Parker, adding that there was no real message behind the boots. She simply liked them.

“They were just really cute,” she explained. “I was like, ‘Those some nice boots!’”


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