Michelle Williams Jokingly Said Her Fall On 106 And Park Back In 2005 May Have Caused Her PTSD


Michelle Williams was a riot when she spoke on Larry Reid Live about her infamous fall on 106 and Park in 2005.

She was on the show promoting her new book “Checking In: How Getting Real About Depression Saved my Life“.

Larry asked Michelle if she would return to Destiny’s Child to do one more song if they called her. Michelle said, with the quickness she would.

Then Larry asked “Now are you gonna stay on your feet …” jokingly referring to Michelle’s infamous fall on 106 and Park back in 2005.

Sis could not believe her ears!

She said “Oh Larry, you tried it!” sharing that it took her about 13 years to watch the fall and that she thinks it gave her PTSD.

Michelle continued “You ninjas need to stop”, “I only fell one time!”.

Watch a snip of the moment below:

Michelle is right though, that fall is famous, it didn’t matter who else suffered the same fate. I think it wasn’t so much the fall, but how Beyoncé and Kelly reacted to it.

They didn’t, miss a beat, Kelly kind of reacted, but it wasn’t one of those “oh let me help you” kind of reactions, it was more “Girl I know you didn’t just mess up our performance” kind of reactions.

Watch below:

Still funny! Sorry sis! Let me go grab her book real quick.

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